Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Art Degree final show - Hanging day - Prints and Paupers

The space was finally ready to hang everyone's work. Floors scrubbed, walls painted.
Only six of us to hang work in this beautiful clean space (and a sculpture in the middle of the floor).

It has been a difficult couple of days, maybe it has felt easier for those of us with just wall hanging work, several pieces all the same size, the worst decision being which ones to hang. With my work, all different shapes and sizes of pieces, some 2- dimensional and some 3-dimensional, I have been really stressed. Not knowing whether to hang all the prints or maybe only have one book and at each thought having to rearrange the lot. The only bit that has remained in the same place throughout the process are the back to back long ones.

Decided in the end to hang all three 180cms prints, the before (black pure lead print), the process (grey/white monoprint with pellet holes) and the after (black with white spots) which was the print taken from the same plate after it was shot through. I wasn't sure about hanging the pale one in the middle as it had a sandwich effect but I think it has worked out well in the end. I prefer to hang a block of three rather than two prints together. I have rolled the lead and set that underneath.

We had difficulty hanging the two 3.5 metre long prints back to back, just getting the height was tricky, they are held together at the top over a piece of dowel with strong magnets. This works with the magnets used to hang the three above.

I am really pleased with these prints, they have stayed pristine through the making and the hanging, I'm still amazed I could make them at all, I love these and I'm keen to do more continuous printing. I have put the books on plinths as planned but have decided not to show the bullet hole enamel book. The books add some interesting shape to the show and reflect the big prints across the space.

Just get a tiny hint of what my work looks like in the space with the edges of other peoples (don't want to give their games away). I'm really pleased with how the show has hung, I have had so much help - thank goodness - it would have really difficult to do on my own.

I have also put into the show my artist statement in English, Welsh and in Braille, each was a page long except the braille with took over four and a half A4 pages. It seemed only right to supply this in Braille as it has been the major inspiration for this whole project.

I have set up the Braille writer on a table with instructions and a Braille alphabet so that the public can have a go at writing in Braille, there is a pile of paper to try it on and a box with photos of people using the machine that they can add theirs to if they want, or take them home.

I think everyone's show looks amazing and that our work compliments and contrasts really well together, several of high saturated colour and a couple of us working in large scale black and white.

Opening night 7pm Friday 26th May 2017, Carmarthen School of Art.

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