Friday, 5 May 2017

Degree show set up, the final choices - Opening night 26th May Carmarthen School of Art.

I've got quite a lot of work that could be exhibited at the final degree show, mostly quite large pieces. To figure out how I might get them in the space I made a scale model of the space and all of the work. The space I have is 4 boards of wall space, 8ft by 4ft boards, 16ft by 8ft altogether and lots of floor space.

It made all the work look very cramped as I had not anticipated how much floor space there would be. 

The painters working spaces were taken down to reveal the beautiful space for the show, lots of wall painting and floor cleaning but we got it all done ahead of schedule.

Yesterday we made a mock of how my work will hang in the space, using lining paper so as to keep the proper work sparkly clean for the show.

Next plinths made and ready to bring in. The large low plinth is 90cms by 90cms by 60cms tall for the large book that opens right out and the slimmer taller one is 45cms by 45cms by 90cms tall. All my work is based on 30cm units, not sure why it just turned out this way. It seemed important as the show has a look of computer code that there be a unifying measurement particularly in something as fluid as art work.

Just a stack of prints to sort out, magnets for hanging, business card holders and artist statement to translate into Welsh. I'm sure I'll find another thousand things to do before the opening.

Remarkably nerve racking hanging even the mock yesterday, suddenly my work will be out there in a big way, lots of it together rather than just the odd bit at an exhibition.

Opening night 6pm, Friday 26th May, Carmarthen School of Art, Coleg Sir Gar, Jobswell Campus, Carmarthen.


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