Monday, 24 April 2017

Nearing show completion - another lead book

I decided to make another book with the lead covers that turned out to be too small for the first book. This time not a pull out concertina, just a folded book. I wanted to bring back some of the excitement I had using original braille paper in my initial research experiments so I glued braille paper (the lovely buff coloured stuff) to the sheets I was to print on and re ran the original 'Point Blank Pages' extended print but singularly.

Unfortunately the pages cockled  and no amount of flattening, ironing or being cross uncockled them.

Printing on them helped but sadly they are not perfect, the braille paper does however give another dimension to both the colour / shade and also to the texture.

These are the front and back of the book, indented with lead pellets from the front and raised on the back.

This book will be fully opened for the first time at the show, I think if I open and close the pages too often they will eventually break. This and the last book will stand as much as a piece of sculpture as of a book. The lead covers will make it difficult to handle and dangerous to handle without gloves.
Health and Safety procedures and health risks in journal.

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