Wednesday, 26 April 2017

New lead monoprints and an air rifle

I've made another lead plate, with a braille version of a Heidegger quote 'Tell me how you read and I will tell you who you are'

Initially I inked the smooth lead and placed paper over it with the braille mock up on top. I shot through into the lead again with lead shot in the air rifle. The lead is 150cms long by 24cms wide.

 Some of the shots actually went right through the lead and dented the wooden floor.
The top sheets came off and left the monoprint, some with the pellets still stuck in the holes in the paper. I think this one particularly shows the whole conceal and reveal philosophy of Heidegger.

The second print form this roll, I inked and hand printed. The first one was the most enjoyable print I have made so far, and nearly the most stressful, the layers of texture from just a simple monoprint are great. I had no idea what these prints would come out like, but they will fit really well with the rest of the prints and books for the show.

The lead also looked amazing so I took some photographs while the ink was wet and then when the lead was cleaned.

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